Better than any usual

With a vision to make unique, quality window solutions ranging from Korean window blinds, motorized curtain rails, smart curtain motors to motorized awnings and other window solutions affordable and available, WINART remains the best brand to call on…

With a production factory located at the heart of Lagos, well trained workers and installers and a broad clientele ranging from government parastatals to big hotels and establishments and numerous homes, the WINART brand remains number one…

Curtain Motor System

The WINART Curtain Motor System is an innovative system that allows you to control your curtains with ease. The motorised system consists of two parts: the motor and the controller. The motor is attached to the bottom rail of your curtains and it can be controlled by the controller which is connected to your home’s electrical supply. The controller has three main functions: 1) It controls the speed of the motor; 2) It also controls the direction of the motor (up or down); 3) It also lets you know when the motor stops moving.

Korean Window Blinds

The WINART Korean window blinds are made in Korea and have been designed for easy installation. They come in different sizes and colours and they are very durable. They are also very energy efficient as they use less electricity compared to regular Venetian blinds.

Motorized Awnings

WINART offers a wide range of motorized awnings including retractable awnings, roller awnings, sliding awnings, fixed awnings, etc. These motorized awnings are ideal for outdoor spaces such as patios, balconies, verandas, terraces, decks, gardens, carports, etc.

Smart Curtains

WINART Smart Curtains are the latest innovation in the market today. They are fully automated and offer many features like remote control, auto-dimming, auto open/close, etc.

A new way to enjoy life!

We are proud to introduce our newest product – the “WINART Smart Curtain Motors”

High Quality

With raw materials from Korea produced to the highest standards and precision cutting and assembling machines in Nigeria, Winartng products are the best you can get.

Fast Delivery

All blinds are produced and delivered within 24 hours except for special or bulky orders, then the products can be produced and delivered and installed within 48 hours.

Best Warranty

Added to the quality of our products and the precision in the production, we have a maintenance team to service and maintain our products when needed by the customer and renewal plans when the fabrics needs changing.